When my dad, David Salzberg, opened The Village Groomer over 45 years ago, it was his passion for dogs that inspired him to try to make a living doing something he absolutely loved.  That tradition continues with Chickadee Seed & Feed!  It is the love of our hobby farm with their goats and chickens, as well our fascination with our backyard winged visitors, that lead Trey and myself to open Chickadee.  

Growing up in New England, I have always had a crush on the Black Capped Chickadee! They are adorable and tough and resourceful, and have a beautiful song to sing.

When I was young, my family vacationed on Cape Cod in Eastham, renting a little house on Samoset Rd. It was paradise, spending a week with my mom not working at the shop, hanging out at the beach and eating more lobster than I care to remember!

In one of my fondest memories, my mom would have us stand as still as possible in the backyard, black oil sunflower seeds in our palms, and she guaranteed us that if we were patient enough, the chickadees would fly down and steal a seed.

As it is my nature, I was a skeptic! Lo and behold, however, after a few minutes of breathing as softly as possible and not flinching, the first little bird zoomed down from the scrub pine and landed on the tip of my finger. The chickadee examined me for a moment, snagged a seed and was gone again!

Once that first brave little bird discovered the stash, they kept coming and coming, over and over again. I was certain I was the only kid on the planet that birds trusted this much! Forget the beach and surf and dunes. I could have stayed there all day feeding those wild, winged ones!

Recapture that magic feeling by inviting the theatre of wildlife into your own backyard!

Whether it's feeding the birds, raising your own chicks, or sharing your back lot with a group of goats (like we do!), at Chickadee Seed & Feed we recognize the magic that animals bring into our lives. For all of us that are always on the go-go-go, settle into a Sunday morning with the newspaper, and your hummingbirds, and enjoy the magic in your own backyard!     — Missi Salzberg

Missi & Trey's Tiny with one of our Beloved Chickens

Missi & Trey's Tiny with one of our Beloved Chickens